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The Blog of the Dryad Chiro known as Hiiragi Wasabi!
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A commission for elyfar

A commission for elyfar

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A commission OuO

A commission OuO

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An african elephant for allieallieandro

An african elephant for allieallieandro

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Commissions for aurawolfiewind of two of her characters,
Ferdia and Gealach

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Bunny <3

Bunny <3

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bumblebeeflower Another question, sorry OTL How much would you charge for making a character reference sheet of an oc?

Depends on the set up. I can do a front and back ref with a colour palette for around 15 to 20 AUD, depending on character complexity.
If there’s other forms of reference like secondary forms or a complete turn around I’d charge a bit more.

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bumblebeeflower Ahhh, understandable. I may set up Paypal anyways since so much goes through it now a days

Paypal is good and trustworthy.

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bumblebeeflower What do you mean by direct funds? Cause I've had troubles with Paypal in the pass and has been a pain in the ass to set up

If you have an online account with your bank, you can generally pick an option to send money to someone elses bsb number. This can often be more complicated to me because I’m not entirely sure how it works…

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bumblebeeflower I has a question about your commissions! Cause I do love your style and would love to see my Minecraft oc in an actual picture rather than just in my head. What method would we use to pay you? Paypal or something else?

Paypal or direct funds?
Paypal is ideal though. And if you use Paypal, please make sure you select the option in good and services that is not expecting shipping. If I see a postal address I will refuse the money and not do the commission. So many people get away with fraud doing that.

Also. I can do it one of two ways where You can pay me first, and I will show progress or I can draw the picture and put watermarks on it until you pay.

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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been feeling really down lately about art stuff.
I’m not really in a super emergency, I just want some work.
And I don’t mean requests.
Requests make me feel like crap, because it’s literally just you guys asking for free art and ajfhakgjdkghs makes me feel like poop.
So I’m lowering the price of my commissions from 35 and 15 dollars to 10 and 5. This is so I can at least get a few commissions so I can feel like I’m achieving something in my life. I really want to be an artist but It’s harder than you think. You have a lot of competitors and not a lot of people want to waste money on a drawing, when they can probably go buy themselves a hotdog… but I guess… I would also like a hotdog? I don’t have money for a hotdog. So it’s like, I’ll give you art, if you give me money to buy a hotdog.
The hotdog could also be a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream or Chocolate…. whatever I’m in the mood for.

So I will draw your OCs or any character that is legal to draw (So no Yogs or RT stuff, sorry- it’s illegal for me to draw and sell them) for 10.00 or 5.00 Australian Dollars.
Just so you know, this is still per character, so no saying "I want you to draw 50 of my sonic OCs in one picture, here’s 10 dollars"…  if you want another person, it’ll be another 10 dollars… etc.
Same goes for backgrounds. You could ask for a really basic character but then also ask for an incredibly detailed city scape of your dream land… that’s not for on me, so if you want a background, talk to me about it, and I’ll quote it.

Again Australian dollars is a lot less in American and European currency so please, if you think you can waste that money, help me out!… or you know, you could go buy yourself a hotdog…
Else contact me at

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