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The Blog of the Dryad Chiro known as Hiiragi Wasabi!
This blog is still WIP

Please tag it under Chirostuff or Chiropterria so I can see it because I would love to draw them! <3

Jul 28 @ 6:28pm + Reblog
Anonymous I feel bad asking this but can you draw my Chiro o.c that i sent you? It would be so cool to see it >.> (You can do whatever you want with it btw sorry if this is anon im on mobile and it spazes out)

Yes you’re an Anon, and yes. I’m drawing everyone’s Chiros =3
(and properly)
I’m kind of paddling down a list
(And working on Yogpets too so yep)

Jul 28 @ 6:26pm + Reblog
inkaladraws your chiros are so cool. here's what i have jix/ pale purple / hiiragi / electric / pecoran

I shall call her Eynkala, after you
since I based her off your icon =3c

Jul 28 @ 6:17pm + 10 notes + Reblog

Keep the Chirosonas/ChirOCs coming in guys! I want to draw those cute delicious babbus >w<

To those who already have, THANK
I am building an army =w= muhaha

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tagged as: *hiirachat
Anonymous I cant find the submit button >.>

You can’t submit to this blog OwO
You can to my personal one though

Jul 28 @ 1:10pm + Reblog
Anonymous Aw man so glad I'm not late heheh. I did the randomizer and it's perf. uom / lime / hiiragi / corrosive / yixan (I don't know how much of that you actually need for it pff)

I made her Yixen cross with Jyku

Jul 28 @ 2:31am + 10 notes + Reblog
flowerwench pssst you should draw Quinx and Hiira chillin out


Jul 28 @ 12:13am + 10 notes + Reblog
sketchfirstthendray I made a Chiro oc and I can't color it or find a name for her ;-; Any suggestions for the name?


Kiuna? That sounds pretty cool!

Jul 27 @ 7:33pm + 2 notes + Reblog
gamergirldesnay How does one make a Chiro OC?

So I recommend going to my Chiropterrian Blog for this to get race information.

But first you’re going to need to know what exactly a Chiro is.
A Chiro is a race of beings located on a planet called Chiropterria.

Like Earth, there are different countries and races, a history and a future.
There is a different language, Number system and even a different number system.

To make a Chiro OC, you’ll want to research what race(s) you want your OC/Chirosona to be. This effects their appearance <But not their colours>

Then, you’ll need to figure out what Chiropterrian month you or the OC was born in. (This effects Skin and natural hair colour)

That’s the basics. Go to the Chiropterria blog and have a read of the stuff on their to give you a rough idea. Don’t be shy to ask questions there either!

Jul 27 @ 6:09pm + 7 notes + Reblog
So I drew daveyog18&#8217;s ChirosonaAnd pbnk's ChirOC "Strawbeary" chilling out in da cityyyyy

So I drew daveyog18’s Chirosona
And pbnk's ChirOC "Strawbeary" chilling out in da cityyyyy

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